Which film would you watch?

Another month has passed and that means another 30 film pitches!

Every month, I will be asking readers to vote on their favorite script idea to be part of the final 12 at the end of the year. When all the votes are in, I will turn the winning script idea into a full feature length spec. Place your vote with the poll below!

Vote Now!


31. Crushed (screwball comedy)
32. Tunnel Vision (thriller)
33. Boys’ Club (screwball romantic comedy)
34. True North Free and Brave (screwball buddy comedy)
35. Point of No Return (scifi thriller)
36. Sleeping Belle (fairytale drama)
37. No Results (technological thriller)
38. Hero, Heroin (character drama)
39. The Widow’s Appeal (mystery thriller)
40. Homo Interruptus (scifi drama)
41. At Odds (dark comedy)
42. Hard of Hearing (psychological thriller)
43. Raccoon Day (children’s film)
44. Healthy Body Healthy Mind (drama)
45. Dead Letters (psychological drama)
46. Vamp Lvl 9000 (vampire/fantasy comedy)
47. Scared to Death (psychological horror)
48. The Misnomers (dystopian road comedy)
49. Ancient Us (scifi drama)
50. Gloomily Ever After (fairytale thriller)
51. You Will Find Happiness (romantic travel film)
52. A Modest Proposal (historical action comedy)
53. The Sad Scientist (children’s film)
54. Caught Up (dramatic thriller)
55. Be My Valentine (historical romance)
56. The Lord’s Bounty (dramatic thriller)
57. Divide and Conquer (documentary)
58. The Con Artist (heist film)
59. Sweet Revenge (teen dramatic thriller)
60. Suppression (scifi thriller)

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