Which Film Would You Watch?: Round 3

Another month has passed and that means another 30 film pitches!

Every month, I will be asking readers to vote on their favorite script idea to be part of the final 12 at the end of the year. When all the votes are in, I will turn the winning script idea into a full feature length spec. Place your vote with the poll below.

Vote Now!


(To vote for this mostly-naked girl instead of a log line, just mash your palms on the keyboard and make sea lion sounds.)

61. Into Thin Air… Family drama
62. Look on the Bright Side… 30-something dramedy
63. Read my Mind… Teen comedy
64. The Miller’s Tale… Bawdy historical comedy
65. Im Krim… Historical drama
66. Living Burial… Teen thriller
67. Nature Nurture…Emotional family quest
68. Born Again and Again…Dark reincarnation comedy
69. The Sh*t List…Dark CIA comedy
70. The Laws of Love…Romantic legal comedy
71. Bottled Hope…Character journey drama
72. Damon’s Demons…Matt Damon-based dark comedy
73. Falling Far…Family and personal value drama
74. Lynch Pin…Legal death row drama
75. Zucchini Party… Zucchini comedy
76. Axed…Workplace horror thriller
77. Over Dose…Medical character drama
78. Sociotivity…Dark sociopath comedy
79. Porno, Inc.…Workplace porno comedy
80. Englisc Tunge…Historial war drama
81. LULL Club…Coming-of-age comedy
82. Bitter Pill…Mental health scifi thriller
83. Matching Grams…Youth romantic comedy
84. Best Fiends Forever… Teen BFF comedy
85. Jerry Hat-Trick… Romantic comedy
86. LA to Bombay… Musical comedy
87. Run Away Pooch… Children’s journey drama
88. The Poison Chalice… Psychological thriller
89. The Depths… Underwater Scifi Horror
90. Wrestling for Change… Underdog drama


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