183. Black Friday

After a man who is nearly trampled to death by a stampede of consumers on Black Friday awakes in the hospital, his ward mate—an elderly Sioux man—tells him of the real origins of Thanksgiving, causing him to dream that he is a Sioux youth enslaved by early Americans who must fight for survival in a changing world.

182. Taking Thanks

In 1637, when Pequot sachem Sassacus returns to his village to discover that the English settlers have massacred almost all of his people, he sets out to destroy the evil invaders not only for revenge but also in an attempt to save his culture and people from being completely snuffed out by this foreign threat.

177. Up the Wazoo

When an alcoholic proctologist is suspended for telling a class of high school students to put tampons soaked in vodka up their butts, he begins a new “hangover prevention” business out of the back of his station wagon by hooking up drunken party-goers to a drip of saline and vitamins, only to discover that the FDA is on to him and he must straighten out if he ever intends to get his old life back.

176. Girls Weekend

When two girlfriends meet at their favourite resort for a ‘girls only’ weekend, what neither of them realizes is that the real reason they both love that hotel so much is not for the amenities but rather the Latino pool boy and must both struggle to hide their relationships with Raoul from each other before Girls Weekend is completely ruined.

175. Slow Motion

When a young, high-flying corporate lawyer who has always been the life of the party discovers coincidentally that he has an undiagnosed brain tumor he must learn, with the help of his former high school sweetheart, to slow down and enjoy the life he previously wasted in boardrooms and nightclubs.

171. Bitter Sweet

When his most crotchety best friend passes away and suddenly everyone is speaking well of the dead man, an even grouchier old man vows to use the last of his life to make sure no one forgets how grumpy he was when he was alive, only to discover that his mission of spreading surliness will be almost impossible when he is forced to take care of his adorable, sweet-tempered granddaughter for the entire summer.

170. Dog Gone

When Rex the dog learns that he is allergic to humans, he sadly sets out into the wildness to live with a group of feral dogs, only to discover that there is a pack of wolves tormenting the dogs, forcing Rex to use the special talents he learned from his humans to fight this brutal enemy.

167. McDonaldland

When Birdie the Early Bird is murdered, Officer Big Mac teams up with Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese and the French Fry Kids to catch the ruthless killer Grimace and his accomplice the Hamburgler before more residents of McDonaldland are slaughtered.

166. The Swindle

When a group of screw-up thieves and petty crooks plan the heist of the century at the world’s largest casino in Las Vegas, they quickly learn the extent of their criminal ineptitude and must figure out how not to get caught in the wake of the greatest failed swindle of all time.

165. Johnny Asshole

In a distant future in which people are assigned surnames at the age of 23 based on their personalities, a surly 22-year-old Naming Department employee learns that he is destined to become “Johnny Asshole” and must struggle to change his ways for the better before his whole life is tainted by this derogatory handle.

159. Casual Friday

When a couple of disgruntled office workers accidentally spike the water cooler at work with liquid LSD on casual Friday, they begin to discover how much they really love their jobs as they struggle to control the most out-of-control workday in history and keep the themselves from being fired come Monday.

158. Furries

When a straight-laced woman returns a credit card she found in the pocket of a panda costume while Hallowe’en shopping, she unwittingly stumbles into the adorable world of “furry fandom” in which she begins to develop her new fursona and simultaneously fall for the intriguing cardholder.

155. Maple Syrup Moon

When an enormous storm grounds all flights the day after their wedding, a newly married man intent on giving his wife the honeymoon she always wanted takes her on an imagination-filled rained-in vacation of a lifetime using nothing more than what he can scavenge in their small community and a little help from some good friends.