159. Casual Friday

When a couple of disgruntled office workers accidentally spike the water cooler at work with liquid LSD on casual Friday, they begin to discover how much they really love their jobs as they struggle to control the most out-of-control workday in history and keep the themselves from being fired come Monday.

124. Comeuppance

After his best friend of 20 years screws his ex-girlfriend, a young musician swears their friendship is over for good… that is until he devises a plan to simultaneously get back at his friend and restore their friendship once more: He will sleep with his best friend’s ex-girlfriend who is eager to get back at him for breaking her heart and finally give him a taste of his own medicine.

110. For Pete’s Sake

After waiting on him hand-and-food during the loss of his job and a deep depression, Pete’s best friend, Charlie, turns down his dream job across the country for the sake of his pal, only to discover that Pete faked his depression and has taken his dream job away from him, leaving Charlie no choice but to do whatever it takes to sabotage Pete’s new life and take back what Pete has stolen.

46. Vamp Lvl 9000

After realizing he has seen it all, a world-famous 9000 year old vampire who can only be killed by the hand of an adult virgin finds a potential killer in a middle-aged Dungeon Master at Comicon to end his long life, but not before the eager roll-player creates his own quest to show the vamp that the world still has something new to offer.