104. High and Dry

When an alcoholic on the verge of collapse is forced by his concerned wife to enter rehab, he discovers his rehab centre is actually a cover for a recreational pharmaceutical ring and must attempt bring down the criminals with the help of a bunch of strung out junkies and pill-popping housewives.

72. Damon’s Demons

After his father’s illegitimate son, Jesse Plemons (Todd of Breaking Bad), blackmails their family into giving him a Hollywood acting career, Matt Damon, intent on taking Jesse down, produces a film co-starring them both that is so dreadful, Matt may even risk damaging his own career in order to destroy his half-brother’s credibility.

jesse matt

Photo credit: My favourite source of incredible internetty goodness, Cheezburger.

69. The Sh*t List

After being fired from the CIA on the grounds of mental instability, a former agent seeks out the high school bullies responsible for creating his current mental state, with the help of another unemployed childhood victim, intent on making these abusers pay with a serving of secret-agent-calibre humiliation.

48. The Misnomers

In 2044, with America bursting at the seams due to over-population, the Administration decrees that all people who hold one of 2014’s most popular baby names—Jacob, Mason, William, Jayden, Noah, Sophia, Isabella, Emma, Olivia and Ava—must be annihilated, causing a black man named Noah to lead a group of privileged white people with these unlucky names on a dangerous journey to the Mexican border, where their freedom awaits.

41. At Odds

After a registered sex offender with the same name moves into his rent-controlled building, Christian Plowder begins receiving hoards of hate mail and death threats and must enlist the help of the building committee—a frail old lady, an overweight chef and a retired marine—to force the tenant out, before his good name is completely destroyed.