143. Return

When a 20-year-old kidnapping victim is returned to her family after 10 years in captivity, she must struggle to reclaim her privacy, identity and her place within her community while living under the microscopic examination of the media and those around her.

140. Reunified

When a 26-year-old man from Dresden discovers that his real father abandoned his pregnant mother just months before the Wall feel in order make a life in West Germany, he embarks on a journey across the country to locate the man who left them behind the iron curtain and never came back.

54. Caught Up

After moving to Acapulco to find work and a new life, a Mexican fisherman’s widow stumbles into the dangerous world of drug-trafficking, while her husband, who had been lost at sea for over a year, returns to find his wife gone and must set out to find her before she is forever entwined in the city’s criminal underbelly.

40. Homo Interruptus

After falling into a wormhole, a group of astronauts travel for two years to finally return to earth, only to discover and that they have also traveled 1 million years back to a time when humanity is still in its infancy, forcing them to live among their ancient ancestors and unwittingly causing them to forever alter human history.

39. The Widow’s Appeal

A prison caterer, responsible for the death-row meals at a women’s maximum security prison, learns that one of the inmates—a mysterious and beautiful black widow—may have been wrongly convicted and begins to help build an appeal case with the help of a retired cop to save her before her death sentence comes to its inevitable conclusion.

30. Dead Man’s Shoes

After the preventable death of his brother, a young worker at a sneaker sweat shop in Bangladesh struggles to found a union, while an advertising intern at the same sneaker company in Chicago fights for the rights of unpaid interns after her friend dies of exhaustion during a 72 hour shift.