109. The Latchkey Kid

An adventurous boy, who’s career-parents are constantly at work, decides to seek out adoptive grandparents to take care of him and his similarly afflicted friends at a local old folks’ home, only to discover that these lonely elderly people need the children as much as the children need them.

73. Falling Far

When the single daughter of highly functioning mentally disabled parents discovers that she is carrying a fetus with Down Syndrome, she must make the difficult decision to abort or keep her baby while attempting to rebuild a relationship with her unwitting ex.

67. Nature Nurture

Upon the death of his long-ago lover, a recovering alcoholic discovers that his former girlfriend was pregnant when they split and gave up the child for adoption, causing him to begin a search for the son he never knew; meanwhile the boy, now 15, having recently discovered that he was adopted, begins a similar search for his birth mother while attempting to protect the loving parents who raised him.