158. Furries

When a straight-laced woman returns a credit card she found in the pocket of a panda costume while Hallowe’en shopping, she unwittingly stumbles into the adorable world of “furry fandom” in which she begins to develop her new fursona and simultaneously fall for the intriguing cardholder.

155. Maple Syrup Moon

When an enormous storm grounds all flights the day after their wedding, a newly married man intent on giving his wife the honeymoon she always wanted takes her on an imagination-filled rained-in vacation of a lifetime using nothing more than what he can scavenge in their small community and a little help from some good friends.

122. Blessing in Disguise

When a scatterbrained Guardian Angel accidentally forgets to save her Guarded Human from being hit by a truck, she is sentenced to disguise herself as his human physiotherapist and aid his recovery, only to gradually discover human emotions as an earthling and begin falling for the one person she was supposed to protect from afar.

118. Bugged

When an introverted entomologist discovers a new fascinating species of insect that mates for life, she suddenly realizes that she, too, needs to find a mate to reproduce with and begins an empirical study of the men in her area—with the help of her young, attractive grad student—to determine who is her ideal partner.

85. Jerry Hat-Trick

After being abandoned by his 30-year-old second wife for a younger man to start the family she always wanted, a 60-year-old business man with a penchant for younger women is surprised to find himself falling for his 65-year-old interior decorator and must enlist the help of his first wife to find a way to woo this older woman before she retires and is gone from his life forever.