116. Stemming

A good-hearted doctor in a distant future, who cures rich patients dying of cancer with a drug supplied by a mysterious faction of the government, discovers that the ‘drug’ is human stem cells harvested from ‘umbilical farms’ and must team up with an outlawed group of physicians to develop a cure that does not require the sacrifice of one human to save another.

49. Ancient Us

Four million years in the future, when a new race of humanoids have evolved to rule the earth, an archaeologist unearths the corpse of a human preserved in 2025 and must struggle to prove that their species evolved from modern-day humans before the controlling scientific community buries his shameful discovery forever.

40. Homo Interruptus

After falling into a wormhole, a group of astronauts travel for two years to finally return to earth, only to discover and that they have also traveled 1 million years back to a time when humanity is still in its infancy, forcing them to live among their ancient ancestors and unwittingly causing them to forever alter human history.