128. Dark Horse

When by luck, a young extra becomes the star of an upcoming sleeper hit and is thrust into stardom overnight, the media begins to stir up his sinister past and he must attempt to struggle back into oblivion–a seemingly impossible task–before the world discovers the truth about him.

115. The Gory Details

After new graphic stories of the murders of various members appear from an anonymous author on her favourite online slasher-lit forum, a timid librarian realizes that her cyber-friends have really met their fates at the hands of a psychotic killer and she must attempt to escape this man who knows everything about her–both on and offline.

88. The Poisoned Chalice

When an eager cop opens an investigation involving several of her family members who died of mysterious digestive disorders, a teenage orphan living with her grandmother begins to suspect that her granny is a serial killer with a preference for poison, causing the girl to launch her own secret investigation to uncover the truth before she falls ill with an unfortunate stomach flu herself.

66. Living Burial

When a good-hearted homeless teen accidentally kills the leader of the ruling subway tunnel gang he becomes the new leader by default, but in order to begin using his new power to raise his unfortunate subordinates above their desperate situation, he must stop the only member who knows the truth about the accident and is intent on revenge.

60. Suppression

When a cellular biologist finds a cure for all cancers, he is commanded by a secret faction of the World Health Organization to stifle his discovery (since they believe cancer is the world’s most effective method of natural population control) and is forced to flee for his life and simultaneously attempt to bring his discovery to light for the benefit of humanity with the help of a rogue group of CDC scientists.

54. Caught Up

After moving to Acapulco to find work and a new life, a Mexican fisherman’s widow stumbles into the dangerous world of drug-trafficking, while her husband, who had been lost at sea for over a year, returns to find his wife gone and must set out to find her before she is forever entwined in the city’s criminal underbelly.

49. Ancient Us

Four million years in the future, when a new race of humanoids have evolved to rule the earth, an archaeologist unearths the corpse of a human preserved in 2025 and must struggle to prove that their species evolved from modern-day humans before the controlling scientific community buries his shameful discovery forever.

39. The Widow’s Appeal

A prison caterer, responsible for the death-row meals at a women’s maximum security prison, learns that one of the inmates—a mysterious and beautiful black widow—may have been wrongly convicted and begins to help build an appeal case with the help of a retired cop to save her before her death sentence comes to its inevitable conclusion.